The Friendly Fifth

History of Lodges

Shawnee Skogen 689
Carbondale, Illinois

On July 15, 2018 Shawnee Skogen 5-689 had their first meeting. It was held at the home of Bill and Wendy Bultinck.
There were 8 people in attendance to start off this journey to create a new Sons of Norway lodge in Southern Illinois. As of our next meeting which was held on August 26th, we had 12 members signed up.
At this meeting we met at Hedman Vineyards in Alto Pass, Illinois. Hedman’s is owned by Anders and Gerd Hedman who are originally from Stockholm, Sweden. There were 17 people in attendance at this meeting. Bill started the meeting off with the Pledge of Allegiance and moved along to playing
“Heads or Tails”. Guest, Jim Johnson, was our winner, choosing “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” book for his prize. We enjoyed watching a presentation on Wineries in Scandinavia and also a presentation on Leif Erikson discovering North America.