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Saturday’s Lodge Secretary Call Overview

In case you missed Saturday’s Lodge Secretary call, want to learn about the new volunteer hour tracking, Lodge Achievement, Family Lodge of the Year, where to find stuff on the website, and all kinds of fun stuff.
An opportunity to review some of the required reports that need to be submitted each year and on convention years, review the new volunteer hour process, review Lodge Achievement and Family Lodge of the Year forms, and basic secretarial duties (i.e. minutes, agendas). ! Hosted by District 5 Secretary Darlene Arneson.

Sons of Norway District 5 Lodge Secretary Call

Now that they have all the delegate election details and other deadlines looming, I'm going to host the first in a series of help calls for lodge secretaries or anyone else who wants to jump on the call. Feel free to join us as well as it may help you with your assigned lodges!

Sons of Norway District 5 Lodge Secretary Call
Sunday, February 11, 2024
3:00 PM Central Time
An opportunity to discuss the role of the lodge secretary, review some of the required reports that need to be submitted each year and on convention years, review the new volunteer hour process, review Lodge Achievement and Family Lodge of the Year forms, and basic secretarial duties (i.e. minutes, agendas). And a chance to ask and answer questions, network, share ideas and more! Hosted by District 5 Secretary Darlene Arneson.

All lodge secretaries, assistant secretaries and any other lodge member who might be interested are welcome to attend!
If you are interested in attending, please contact Darlene at and I will send you the link.

Eau Claire, WI board meeting - October 28-29, 2022

October 7, 2022
Dear District Board Members-
We are excited to be heading to Eau Claire, WI board meeting! As the board decided, the meetings will be on Friday, October 28 and Saturday, October 29 in the Eau Claire area. I have secured the Fairfield by Marriott, 1666 Princeton Crossing in Eau Claire for our hotel and meeting room.
We will get more details to you once we get through this weekend’s Adult Camp. But in the meantime, here are the basics and a few timelines!
The basic agenda is:
Friday, October 28
  • 10:30 AM- tour of the Eau Claire County Youth Camp (where Masse Moro is held) for those who can get there by then
  • 11:30 AM- head to Eau Claire and lunch on your own
  • 1:00 PM-4:00 PM- Board Training and Leadership Development
  • 4:00 PM- 5:30 PM- Any committees that need to meet in person, finish up their work, or other networking can be done
  • 6:30 PM- Inviting local lodge leaders for an informal evening of some District updates and sharing of information. We’ll have pizza and other appetizers for everyone to enjoy. An invitation will be going out to the lodges soon.
Saturday, October 29
  • 8:00 AM- Board meeting
  • 12:00 PM- Break for lunch (spouses welcome)
  • Adjourn hopefully by 4:30 PM (or earlier- depends on the discussion!)
What needs to be done now!
  1. Please let me know what nights you need a hotel room. For some coming from farther away, you can arrive Thursday night. I have an initial hold on one room per board member as your spouses are welcome to join us. Let me know what nights you need a hotel. Please send me your hotel needs by Wednesday, October 12, so I can get the names to the hotel and your confirmation numbers. DO NOT CALL THE HOTEL YOURSELF AS I ALREADY HAVE THE ROOMS RESERVED!
  2. Meals- I will order food for the Friday night lodge social and for Saturday noon. Let me know how many (you, spouse) will be at each meal. And if you have any dietary restrictions. Please let me know meal numbers by Wednesday, October 12, as well.
  3. Committee reports- We have found that if committees can do the bulk of their work before coming to the meeting, they can send their initial reports to me to compile. This allows the board members to read them in detail before arriving. Obviously there may be updates and changes. The audit committee, in particular, will likely want to complete it’s work on Friday night. Reports are due to me by Monday night, October 24, so I can compile them and send them out by Tuesday night. Please send them in a MS Word so I can cut and paste them into one document.
Both Cheryl and I, and maybe some of you, have ZOOM, GoToMeeting, or other platform accounts and can assist setting up your committee meetings. If you are the chair and need help with that, please let one of us know.
There have been some committee changes and I believe I have it updated now! And here is the updated Board Member contact list so you can reach out to your committee members in setting the meeting time and date.
If you are unable to attend the meeting, please contact your alternate and then let both Cheryl and I know ASAP.
If you are on my committees, I’ll be contacting you soon to establish the dates. I have a crazy next week, so it won’t be until after Oct. 16.
More to come!

Notice for Sons of Norway- District 5- Central Lodge Members

You are a member of Sons of Norway and entitled to have your voice heard at District Conventions.  If you are not affiliated with a local Lodge, you are in a Central Lodge.  Do you live in one of the pictured areas?  You are a member of the Central Lodge in that District and can be a delegate to each District’s Convention. We are in District 5.

Want to be a delegate?  Please reach out to the President Andrew Johnsen ( and Secretary Darlene Arneson ( ) by February 13.  

The District 5 ZOOM call will be on Sunday, February 20, at 6:00 PM Central Time.  Deadline to notify either officer of your intention is February 13, 2022 so the meeting link can be sent to you.
We look forward to hearing from you! 

Darlene Arneson, District 5 Sons of Norway Secretary 

Declarations and assistance to Nominating Committee

Hi everyone-
At our fall board meeting, we went around and people "declared" what they thought they may do about running for the board in 2022. These are not "locked in" decisions, but simply help the nominating committee know who is running for sure, who isn't, and if you are interested in other positions. You can certainly change your mind!! 
Here is what I have in the draft minutes:
Declaration: The Board made their initial declarations for the nominating committees use:
·         Andy- not running
·         Cheryl- undecided
·         Darlene- yes
·         Mike- interested in another position
·         Audrey- not running
·         Sandra- undecided
·         Karen B- not running
·         Tom B- not running
·         Karen E- undecided
·         Peggy- not running
·         Judy- yes
·         Thomas- not running
·         Connie- yes
·         Dee- not running

Since that time, Karen Eberhardt has decided not to run again.
So here are my suggestions to the board:
  • Our nominating committee is Robin Fossum (chr), Andrew Johnsen, and Tom Boudreau. In all your communications, please email all three so they are all in the loop!
  • I had  a call with Robin on Monday and suggested the nominating committee have a call to see where they are at in securing nominees. They also need to discuss how we will publish/share the applications with the delegates so they have time to review them prior to convention.
  • I did find out we do need to elect an alternate to the International Director. 
  • I'm attaching the applications, zone director description, and At a Glance description.
  • If you are running, please send your applications to ALL THREE nominating committee members.
  • Please contact the committee to confirm your intentions at this time so they know where they need to find people.
  • Keep in mind at the business session, we elect officers before delegates go to caucus. Each zone gets 2 directors but if those spots are filled by officers from that zone, they may not have any 'zone director only" positions.
  • We can have competition for officers and zone positions. That would be a good problem to have!!
  • In order to be considered or elected, the members MUST BE A DELEGATE so they have to be elected now from their lodge.
  • You as a District Board member and Robin as International Director are already delegates so your lodge does NOT have to elect you. 
  • Webmaster is NOT a delegate position.
  • It is critical that you are reaching out to your assigned lodges to make sure they have elections scheduled and understand they need to elect delegates who may need to run for the board or serve as an alternate.
Thanks so much!

How To Report Volunteer Hours Video

District 5 Lodge Officer Election Roundtable

District 5 Lodge Officer Election Roundtable- Tuesday, August 31 at 7 PM Central via ZOOM
Darlene Arneson will host a ZOOM meeting to discuss the officer election process for any lodge officer or anyone else interested on Tuesday, August 31, at 7 PM CST.
To prepare for the call, you may want to watch this short video-
Our agenda:
·         Officer election and Nominating Committee process
o   Where to find resources
o   How to fill out D63s
o   Who can be an officer?
o   How nominating committees work
o   Prep work to do
o   What offices have to be filled?
·         Where do you find candidates?
o   Sharing of ideas of what the various lodges do
o   How do you get people to take an office?
o   Ways to encourage people to consider an office
o   Sharing officer positions and other ways to achieve a full slate of officers
·         Everyone
o   Sharing what works and what doesn’t
o   What questions do you have?
o   How do you need help or assistance?
o   What works for you?
o   What are your challenges?
Darlene Arneson
District 5 Secretary

Outdoor Lodge Meeting Tips 2021

D5 Sons of Norway
Outdoor Lodge Meeting Tips to Consider
arlene Arneson, Secretary
April 2021

As we move into warmer months, lodges may want to consider having their meetings or events outside to offer members social distancing in an outdoor setting. Some may not be comfortable yet with being inside.

It’s important to check with your county health department to know the current regulations on gathering size, food restrictions and other COVID related items. Some cities may also have regulations more restrictive than county or state regulations.

The following are suggestions of things to consider as you plan outdoor events and gatherings for your lodge.

Places to meet
 Parks- county, city or township
 Outdoor event venues  Agri-tourism- farms sometimes have meeting spaces or shelters if they do farm tours
 Breweries or wineries  Local service groups who might have venues with outdoor patios or spaces
 Fairgrounds
 Museums or other attractions that have outdoor spaces
 Swimming pools or splash pads often will have a park next to them

What to consider about a space or what you need for supplies and equipment
 Lights
 Bug spray
 Sun protection
 Are there bathrooms?
 Is there parking?
 Seating- are there chairs or should people bring their own?
 Tables- are there tables, picnic tables or do you need to provide?
 Microphones or sound system  PPE- disposable masks, gloves and hand sanitizer
 Is it accessible for any physical challenges or handicapped accessibility needs?
 Cost to rent
 Rain or shine?

What to ask members and guests to bring
 Their own chairs if needed
 Beverages for themselves if needed
 Snacks- pre wrapped if they are sharing  PPE- masks, gaiters or gloves, hand sanitizer
 Tents if needed
 Gear for weather, rain, wind

Programs, entertainment and activities
 Sports and physical activities- kubb, walking, bags or corn hole, other yard games, pickleball, softball, tennis, soccer
 If at a park- playground for younger children
 Walking trails
 Birding
 Show n Tell- have members bring items that they can tell about. Ideas- favorite trolls, rosemaling, carving, handiwork, dolls and other items  Music presentation that doesn’t need a big set up
 Singing- a sing-a-long
 About Me Game that Mike Palecek developed
 Board games or card games
 Bingo  Scavenger hunt  Youth group presentations- Scouts, 4-H, choirs, band
 Storytelling presentation
 If your zone has the District Viking Chests, reserve that for your event or meeting!

What about food and beverages?
 Check with local or county health department to see if any restrictions
 Food safety- keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold
 Bring their own vs providing
 Catered event
 Charge, free or sponsored
 Making it easy- tableware, containers, ice, heat as needed

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