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Convention Schedule and Events

Sami Artist Guest at District 5 Convention

Sons of Norway District 5 will feature a Norwegian artist of Sami heritage at the 2024 convention in Indianapolis from June 19-22. 

 Jorn Magnus Rivojen Langseth  is well-known for his drums and other artistic pieces connected with the Ume Sami culture as well as interesting presentations advocating for Sami language preservation and describing Sami culture and history.  He will give presentations on Sami culture, specifically regarding the significance of Sami drums.  The presentations will include slides of his drums and other works of art ranging in size from large outdoor installations to small, exquisite knives.

Langseth’s passion about his Ume Sami heritage fuels his creativity and is expressed in his works to preserve the symbols, language, art, food — every aspect of the Sami culture.  He shares his knowledge with others through art shows, personal appearances, and at the Umesamisk ressurssenteer in Norway.

His art has been featured in shows throughout Norway and in other parts of the world. Vesterheim will feature his art during the month of May, 2024.

Judy Ghastin
D5 Cultural Director

2024 Cultural Arts Display

Calling all members of Sons of Norway District 5!
Prepare your cultural arts projects for display at the District 5 Convention in June, 2024 in Indianapolis.
Any cultural arts project completed since June of 2022 is eligible for display. An important part of the convention is the presentation of folk art projects completed by members. Your work will be appreciated by members from throughout the district. What a wonderful opportunity to display your skill and show others your contribution to carrying on traditional skills.

This year our display space is somewhat limited, so it is more important than usual to register your pieces as soon as they are completed.
The judging will be people’s choice;
  • there is no fee;
  • preregistration is needed
  • work must have been finished after the last convention;
  • SofN members only may enter
  • work must be completed by the person registered as the artist
  • each item must have appropriate identification attached
  • items will be kept in a locked room overnight
  •  volunteers will monitor the display during the day.
Cultural Skills Categories include:​
  • ​rosemaling,
  • Norwegian weaving,
  • Nordic or Sami-influenced knitting,
  • Norwegian needlework (Hardainger embroidery, Klostersøm, Diamantsom, Nålbinding),
  • crocheting,
  • tatting,
  • wood carving (figure, relief, chip carving),
  • bent wood construction,
  • photography,
  • painting,
  • knifemaking,
  • stained glass,
  • kolrosing.
Cultural arts items may be checked in at the display area Thursday, June 20th between 1 pm and 3 pm
Items may be sent with someone if the artist is not attending the convention

Send questions to Judy Ghastin at

Judy Ghastin
District 5 Cultural Directo