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Convention Schedule and Events

Sons of Norway District 5 Convention Classes Offered

June 19 – 22, 2024 Indianapolis, Indiana
Read the requirements for Rosemaling, Hardanger Embroidery, and Carving to find the skills required to earn medals. Many of those skills will be covered in class. Do the extra work and earn medals for your accomplishments.

Rosemaling: June 19-22, 2024
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 9am-4pm;
Saturday 9am-11am,
Cost: $165 including blank plate.
Lois Mueller, Vesterheim Gold Medalist, instructor
Lois Mueller has been a member of Circle City for many years and is a well-known, experienced rosemaling instructor. She has taught many classes for Norwegian groups including the three-day rosemaling class she developed for the D5 convention held in Appleton, WI.  Lois has been rosemaling since 1977 and teaching rosemaling since 1979. She first taught at the Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton, WI and since then has taught throughout the United States. During the pandemic she added virtual teaching to her repertoire. Since receiving the Gold Medal from Vesterheim in Decorah, IA in 1998, Lois has written 9 rosemaling instruction books. She was part of a group that created a new organization called Rosemaling Coast to Coast which
connects rosemalers from throughout the country.

Students, please bring the following supplies:
Paper Towels
Palette (Could be a Styrofoam tray/plate)
Container for water or small containers for oil mediums
Container to put palette with paint in overnight
Tracing Paper
Transfer paper –light color
Palette Knife ( Can be a plastic knife)
Painter’s tape
Box for a 12” plate for transportation
12” ruler
Experienced painters please bring your own brushes.
Brushes may be purchased at class for about $15 for the two brushes that will be used on the project.
Acrylic paints will be provided. Lois also works in oils for those who bring their own oil paints.

Knitting—a Two-Color Project -June 19-22, 2024
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 9am-4pm; Saturday 9am-11am,
Cost: $150 instruction only
Berit Skaare, instructor

Berit Skaare is an avid knitter. She is also very busy helping young people get an education in an impoverished area of the world. The foundation she started in Tanzania has grown from supporting educational fees for a few orphans, to providing new buildings and staff for elementary, middle, and high school levels of school for hundreds of children. There is now a plan for helping students at the college level. The knitting class is for students who have a basic understanding of knitting - knit, purl, cast on, cast off, etc.

The project will be in two colors.
Students supply the following:
Pattern of choice
Two colors of yarn (wool yarn recommended)
Needles recommended for the pattern
Students interested in the knitting class may contact Judy Ghastin at for help choosing a pattern.

Needle Felting -June 19, 202
Wednesday, 9am-4pm,
Cost: $65 including materials
Barb Johnson and Connie Kross, instructors

Connie Kross and Barb Johnson celebrate their Norwegian heritage 24/7/365! If there is a Norwegian organization meeting or a Scandinavian celebration happening, they will probably be there. Barb is cultural director for her lodge and has facilitated numerous opportunities for members to earn cultural medals. Connie serves on the Board of Directors of District 5, including the Cultural Committee. Both instructors are creative
and avid crafters.

Hardanger Fiddle
Friday 9am-4pm,
Saturday 9am-noon
Cost: $150 instruction only
Vidar Skrede: instructor

Vidar Skrede is a well-known hardingfele musician who teaches and performs throughout the United States and other parts of the world. He is from Milwaukee, WI, via Norway and is half of the duo, Lynx, Lynx, which will perform at the convention banquet Saturday evening. Vidar plays multiple instruments, produces albums, and works with several bands/groups.
The class is designed for students with at least basic fiddle experience who have a hardingfele and can tune it.

Stamping (special stamps designed for SofN District 5) - June 19-22, 2024
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 9am-4pm;
Saturday 9am-11am,
Cost: $150 instruction only
Ann Corbiere-Scott, instructor, Connie Aiello and others assisting

Ann Corbiere-Scott is an artist who designed a series of special stamps for District 5 to use in making unique Scandinavian cards. Her website is anncorbierescottdesigns where you will find her artsy designs. Connie Aiello serves on the District 5 Board and has previously taught stamping and on-line cooking classes for District 5. She is an energetic, creative crafter who is interested in a variety of craft work. Other talented crafters will also assist during the week.

Supplies and equipment for purchase at the class:
Beginning Stamp Kit (needed for class $15) tape runner, gridded stamp block, memento (Tuxedo Black) ink pad, and boning tool.
Stamp sets $16 per page Alphabet, Christmas, Easter, more
Gridded stamp block ($6)
Ink pad – Memento (Tuxedo Black) ($8)
Boning tool ($1.50)
Mini artist glue ($3)
50 foam dots (1 sheet/$1)
Enamel dots (10 pkg/$1)
Ruler ($2)
Colored pencil pack ($2)
Twine (1 yd/25¢)
Silicone mat ($3)

Hardanger Embroidery -June 19-22, 2024
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 9am-4pm;
Saturday 9am-11am,
Cost $175 includes kit
Donna Olson, instructor

Donna Olson became interested in Hardanger embroidery in the early 1970s when she learned the craft from descendants of Norwegian immigrants in Stoughton, WI who were preserving the tradition of their families. She continues to maintain the Hardanger tradition through her teaching. She has taught at seminars for the national Embroidery Guild of America which honored her with a feature article about her Hardanger embroidery work in their magazine.

Students bring small scissors.
The basic kit is included in the class fee. (pattern, fabric, thread, needle)
The project, Small Treasures, is four 6” x 6” doilies of different designs.

Skills covered in class include:
thread counting/stitching issues
beginning/ending threads
clean back side of doily
various flower styles
weaving/lacing styles

Carving Ornaments
Thursday 9am-noon;
Friday 9am-noon
Cost: $60 including one wood blank
David Ostrem, instructor

David Ostrem has been wood carving for 45 years. He has taught the craft for many of those years and has been a judge at several wood carving shows. He has studied with many outstanding carvers in the United States, Switzerland, Austria and Canada. He has taught classes at Vesterheim and the Clearing in Door County. David’s philosophy is to give students a fun experience in a highly motivated atmosphere.

Students bring:
a good carving knife
Fisherman’s glove
Sharpening tools will be available in class.

Sami-Inspired Bracelet
Thursday, June 20, 2024
Cost: $75 including materials
Dawn Gunderson, instructor

Dawn Gunderson is president of Sons of Norway Lodge Cleng Peerson, 5–525. In 1905 her grandmother's parents and siblings came from Ibestad, Troms, Norway. Since Trøms is in the Northern part of Norway, Dawn was hoping that her family had a relationship with the Sami people. That is how she started making Sami influenced bracelets

Materials are included, but there are some things you need to bring:
Small scissors
Hand towel
Small needle-nose pliers (to pull sinew through the leather) 
A lighted magnifying glass (if you have bad eye sight) 
Rubber cement or Elmers glue.

An Invitation to be a Volunteer at Convention

2024 District 5 is hosting the 2024 convention at the Indianapolis Crowne Plaza Airport hotel June 19-22 since no local lodge offered to host the meeting. The Executive Committee and the Convention Committee are leading the planning with help from the other District 5 Board members. The hosts will be busy with District 5 business Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of convention week. Volunteers are needed to help while the Board membersare in meetings.

Members of Circle City, Skandiana, and members from throughout the district are invited to volunteer their time to help introduce speakers, register guests, check in with instructors and vendors for any needs, stand by at the District 5 Lodge meeting to call for any help needed from hotel staff, watch over the cultural arts display, check meal tickets, and other tasks that make the convention machine keep rolling.
•If you live in or near Indy, close enough to drive over for a day, come volunteer for a day or a half day.
•If you attend as a non-delegate, volunteer during part of your stay.
•If you are attending only during your volunteer hours, you do not need to register.
•The shifts are half a day in length with informal breaks arranged among those at the same station.
•You will check in at registration to pick up your special identification.

Your extra effort will help make the convention run smoothly.
Thank you for any help you can offer.
Judy Ghastin Convention Chai

Classes Offered at the D5 2024 Convention

Another reason to go to Indy in June!

The following classes will be offered at the Sons of Norway District 5 Convention in
Indianapolis June 19-22, 2024.

Classes will start Wednesday to allow delegates to attend two days of class as requested in the past. 
Work toward Cultural Arts medals in Rosemaling, Carving, and Hardanger Embroidery.

Details will be posted soon. 

Figure Carving
Hardanger Embroidery
Stamping with D5 commissioned stamps
*Sami-influenced Bracelet making
*Needle Felting
Knitting - pending
Hardanger; regular fiddle - pending

Classes are open to delegates on Wednesday and Thursday. 
Non-delegates may take classes Wednesday through Saturday.
*indicates one-day class

Jorn Langseth Sami Artist Guest Speaker at District 5 Convention

Sons of Norway District 5 will feature a Norwegian artist of Sami heritage at the 2024 convention in Indianapolis from June 19-22. 

 Jorn Magnus Rivojen Langseth  is well-known for his drums and other artistic pieces connected with the Ume Sami culture as well as interesting presentations advocating for Sami language preservation and describing Sami culture and history.  He will give presentations on Sami culture, specifically regarding the significance of Sami drums.  The presentations will include slides of his drums and other works of art ranging in size from large outdoor installations to small, exquisite knives.

Langseth’s passion about his Ume Sami heritage fuels his creativity and is expressed in his works to preserve the symbols, language, art, food — every aspect of the Sami culture.  He shares his knowledge with others through art shows, personal appearances, and at the Umesamisk ressurssenteer in Norway.

His art has been featured in shows throughout Norway and in other parts of the world. Some of Langseth’s art will be on display at Vesterheim Norwegian-American museum in Decorah Iowa during the month of May 2024.

Rivojen Art can be found on line for examples of Langseth’s work.

Langseth will be available after June 23 for speaking engagements in June and into July. 
If your lodge or an organization in your area is interested in arranging a personal appearance, contact
Judy Ghastin at

Judy Ghastin
District 5 Sons of Norway
Cultural Director
Convention Chair

2024 Cultural Arts Display

Calling all members of Sons of Norway District 5!
Prepare your cultural arts projects for display at the District 5 Convention in June, 2024 in Indianapolis.
Any cultural arts project completed since June of 2022 is eligible for display. An important part of the convention is the presentation of folk art projects completed by members. Your work will be appreciated by members from throughout the district. What a wonderful opportunity to display your skill and show others your contribution to carrying on traditional skills.

This year our display space is somewhat limited, so it is more important than usual to register your pieces as soon as they are completed.
The judging will be people’s choice;
  • there is no fee;
  • preregistration is needed
  • work must have been finished after the last convention;
  • SofN members only may enter
  • work must be completed by the person registered as the artist
  • each item must have appropriate identification attached
  • items will be kept in a locked room overnight
  •  volunteers will monitor the display during the day.
Cultural Skills Categories include:​
  • ​rosemaling,
  • Norwegian weaving,
  • Nordic or Sami-influenced knitting,
  • Norwegian needlework (Hardainger embroidery, Klostersøm, Diamantsom, Nålbinding),
  • crocheting,
  • tatting,
  • wood carving (figure, relief, chip carving),
  • bent wood construction,
  • photography,
  • painting,
  • knifemaking,
  • stained glass,
  • kolrosing.
Cultural arts items may be checked in at the display area Thursday, June 20th between 1 pm and 3 pm
Items may be sent with someone if the artist is not attending the convention

Send questions to Judy Ghastin at

Judy Ghastin
District 5 Cultural Directo