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Publicity Director Messages

Hello from your Publicity Director:

I appreciate all the great photos that have been sent to me in the last few months. Thank you! You may have seen your photo featured in the Viking. Alas, they can’t use them all. I have news about the “also rans” farther down in this communication.

There is news for you since the last time photos were requested. I recently had a meeting with the people who receive the photos for the Viking. Here is the news:
1. ALL photos submitted must have the accompanying photo submission form sent with them. Please send a form for each photo. Do not send one submission form for a group of photos. Sending the explanation in the content of the e-mail is not acceptable.

2. Photos must be sent digitally through e-mail. I can not send forward pictures that have been printed and sent to me in regular mail. I tried to “take a picture of the picture” and it does not produce a good enough photo. If you send the picture from your phone, you will still need to send a photo submission form for it.

3. There has been a recent change for the Viking. It will be published 6 times a year instead of 12. The first 2-month issue will be for January-February 2023. I know many of us will be dismayed with this news. However....

4. You should continue to send photos to me monthly, and I will forward them for consideration in the Viking. Even if your photo is NOT published in the Viking, it may still be available for everyone to see and enjoy! A new feature called “Happenings” will be on the Sons of Norway website. Some pictures that didn’t make it into the Viking will be posted there. The website is divided by District, so you can go to District 5 to see our photos.

5. This Happenings site is brand new, so it doesn’t have a lot on it...yet. To get to the site, log into with your username and password. Use the search function and type happenings. That will get you there. We recommended to the headquarters personnel to make a dropdown item from the main menu so it is easier to find the pictures. They will work on that.

6. The photo submission form says that you give permission to publish the photo. What that really means, also, is that you have permission from the people in the photograph to use the photo. Most of the time that isn’t a big deal, however, photos with children can be an issue. Some parents do not want photos of their children “out there on the internet”. It is best to make sure the people in the photos you submit know you are sending them
forward for publication.

As previously required, I would like to have your submissions of photos and the photo submission forms sent to me by the 10th of the month. Please follow the requirements listed above to cut down on my having to contact you for missing information. I need to look through them and pick the ones to forward to the Viking. I have been sending ALL of the ones I received, but have been advised to choose a few of the best ones only. I have not been sending a response e-mail to you on whether or not your photo was forwarded. I would like to be excused from that for the time being. Later on, when things are less chaotic, I will figure out an efficient way to respond to all e-mail submissions.

That’s all for now. If you are getting this e-mail, and it should go to someone else, please let me know. I apologize if you have already attempted to correct me and I didn’t do it. Life can be crazy sometimes, but I will try to make corrections as they occur from now on.

Looking forward to your submissions this month from you or your publicity director.
Link to Viking Submission form:


LaVonne Wier
D5 Publicity Director

From our Publicity Director – LaVonne Wier

I enjoyed the convention, and then our Fagernes Lodge from Blair, Wisconsin had the Trygason Lodge from Osseo as our guests for a Fyrbal on June 24th. I’ve been on another trip to the Creation Museum in Kentucky and returned home just yesterday. Nice to go, but always feels great to get back home. It’s been a busy June! Submissions for consideration in the Viking are due to me by July 10th. 

One thing I learned from my predecessor, Karen Eberhardt, is something I was doing a lot of the time, and shouldn’t have been!
Please do not edit your photos before sending them in. (I usually edit everything - don’t do that). If the people in your photo look far away when you take the picture — get closer before you snap away!
Try to leave out the ceiling and floor when you take the picture. The people at the Viking will do the editing. Good quality pictures have a better chance of being chosen. I have to pick only a few for submission each month. I think that will be the hard part of the job - picking the ones to send in out of all the great photos I receive. Here is the form to submit with the photos. Just click the link to get the form.
Hope you all are having a great summer!
LaVonne Wier
D5 Publicity Director

Photos needed!

 Hello lodges,

Shhh - I think spring might be trying to come with the welcomed sunshine today! I just learned, I have more time this month to submit photos. So please send them to me by Sunday, May 22, 2022. Hopefully we will capture some May lodge activities. Remember to use the new photo submission form.  Also please read about sending your lodge newsletter to the convention with your lodge delegates on the separate document.

Thank you,
Karen Eberhardt
District 5 Publicity and Zone 3 Director

Lodges send your Newsletter to the District 5 Lodge Meeting and Convention

Lodge Newsletter Presidents and Editors -

Send with your Lodge Delegates a copy of your newsletter
Mount all of the newsletter pages on a corrugated cardboard poster board or foam core poster board
Lodge Newsletters will be propped against the Atrium wall to read
Lodge delegates will be able to take their newsletter home on Saturday night.