The Friendly Fifth

Convention Forms

Keep in mind as you elect delegates that they are the only ones that can be candidates for the District Board, alternates to the Board, International delegates, alternates to the International Delegates, and International Board member or alternate. You do NOT have to be a benefit member to be a delegate to the District Lodge Meeting, but in order to run for any of these positions just mentioned, the delegate must be a benefit member or buy product at the convention. A new District Board/Officer Application was approved and is available on the website for those interested in serving on the Board or as an alternate. Our District Nominating Committee is Chr Robin Fossum, Tom Boudrau and Louise Giles.
Your lodge may wish to propose resolutions or by-law changes to be considered at the District or International Conventions. These resolutions, along with any proposed changes to the District 5 By-Laws or International Constitution, must be submitted to the District Secretary no later than April 1, 2020. Please note that we are using the new template approved and recommended by the International Board.
If your lodge is interested in hosting the 2022 District Lodge Meeting, you are asked to send a written notice of your intention to the District Secretary prior to April 1, 2020. Should your lodge wish to present a bid, we ask that you make arrangements for a "walk through" of the facilities by a District 5 Board Member. This should be done prior to the June convention in order to identify proposal merits as well as needed additions or changes.