The Friendly Fifth

District Conventions

An Invitation to be a Volunteer at Convention 2024

District 5 is hosting the 2024 convention at the Indianapolis Crowne Plaza Airport hotel June 19-22 since no local lodge offered to host the meeting.
The Executive Committee and the Convention Committee are leading the planning with help from the other District 5 Board members. The hosts will be busy with District 5 business Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of convention week.  Volunteers are needed to help while the Board members are in meetings.

Members of Circle City, Skandiana, and members from throughout the district are invited to volunteer their time to help introduce speakers, register guests, check in with instructors and vendors for any needs, stand by at the District 5 Lodge meeting to call for any help needed from hotel staff, watch over the cultural arts display, check meal tickets, and other tasks that make the convention machine keep rolling.

•If you live in or near Indy, close enough to drive over for a day, come volunteer for a day or a half day.
•If you attend as a non-delegate, volunteer during part of your stay.
•If you are attending only during your volunteer hours, you do not need to register.
•The shifts are half a day in length with informal breaks arranged among those at the same station.
•You will check in at registration to pick up your special identification.

Your extra effort will help make the convention run smoothly.
Thank you for any help you can offer.
Judy Ghastin Convention Chair

2024 Sons of Norway D5 Convention

    Indianapolis Crowne Plaza Airport Hotel
   2501 S High School Rd, Indianapolis, Indiana 46241
                     June 19-22, 2024
Mark your calendar now!
The 2024 Sons of Norway District 5 Convention is coming in June 2024!

Plan your vacation so you can enjoy the many attractions in the Indianapolis area before and after the convention. You asked for classes and activities that delegates could enjoy, so classes and speakers will begin on Wednesday, June 19, and continue through Saturday morning, June 22.  A survey will be sent out to help the Convention Committee choose classes to offer.  Please respond to the survey as soon as you see it.  Your help is very important.
Delegates who are not on a committee can take part in a class or enjoy speakers on Wednesday and Thursday.  Everyone will be able to enjoy the evening programs on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday besides the banquet on Saturday evening.
Those who are not delegates can attend all three-and-one-half days of their class of choice or learn from the presentations offered during that time or take a local trip.
Watch for more details coming soon!
Judy Ghastin
District 5 Cultural Director
D5 Convention Chair