The Friendly Fifth

Delegate Information

Consider being a delegate to the 2020 District 5 Convention!
All across District 5, elections will be held in January and February as lodges elect their delegates and alternates for the District 5 convention. Some of your members may be sharing their experiences as delegates at your meetings so members are more aware of what happens at conventions, what their role is, and the experience they have had. To help new members and those without convention experience, here are some things to consider and share with your membership:

Who can be a delegate or alternate?
 You do NOT have to be a benefit member to serve as a delegate to the District Convention.
 Current District 5 Board members cannot serve as delegates for their local lodges.
Time Requirements
 The District 5 Convention is June 24-28 in Madison, Wisconsin.
 Your delegates may be asked by the District President to serve on a committee. This would require them to attend committee meetings on the Thursday morning and afternoon (or until committee work is done and the committee is dismissed).
 The opening ceremonies will be on Friday morning. The first official business and seating of the delegates is also Friday morning and all delegates need to be in all sessions Friday and Saturday.
 As times and schedules are finalized, watch the District 5 website ( and future mailings for schedules and timelines.
What does a delegate do?
 Represents and speaks on behalf of your lodge on District business, resolutions, proposed changes
 Accepts your lodge’s recognition and awards
 Attends all delegate sessions, zone meeting (Saturday noon) and votes on behalf of your lodge
 May serve on a committee if asked to by the District President
 A delegate is the only member (along with current District 5 Board Members) that can run for the District Board (if a benefit member or if they purchase a benefit product at the convention).
 A delegate can run for a delegate spot for the International Convention (August 16-23, 2020) in Hamar, Norway, if they are a benefit member or if they purchase a benefit product at the convention.
 Learn about Sons of Norway by attending workshops, visiting displays and visiting with other members
 Bring back many ideas, activities and enthusiasm that will benefit your lodge
 Report to your lodge about what they learned, business conducted and report on elections held at the convention
 Have a wonderful time and go home ready to carry out the mission of Sons of Norway!

What is a Benefit Member? Someone who owns a Sons of Norway insurance certificate.
How do you pay for delegates? Each lodge handles this differently. Many will help the delegates with convention costs, registration, travel and hotel costs in varying amounts, paying it in full, or a portion. Some lodges will have a special fundraiser or event to raise money for delegate expenses.
Thank you for electing delegates and alternates and your consideration to serve as one! If you have further questions, contact your lodge president, zone officer or a District Board member!