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We invite you to become a Sons of Norway member and explore and celebrate Norwegian Cultural Heritage. Members include not only Norwegians and those of Norwegian descent, but many non-Norwegians who are interested in the culture and traditions of Norway and Scandinavia.

Adult members of Sons of Norway lodges are invited to participate in a wide variety of cultural activities, such as language lessons, dance, Rosemaling, wood carving, cooking & baking, music, Hardanger embroidery, history and much more. Lodges may have Barnas Norsk Klubb (for elementary age children) and youth groups (middle & high school), to provide age appropriate activities of interest to those young members.

Lodge meetings, educational programs, socials, community events and newsletters provide members with opportunities to become familiar with and to enjoy other members on cultural, educational and humanitarian levels. Adult members receive the Viking Magazine, monthly, with interesting articles on history, modern Norway, cooking, and news from lodges.

Heritage Members are children and grandchildren, 15 years and under, of Sons of Norway members. They do not pay dues.

Unge Venner, "Young Friends" are young adults, 16 through 23 years of age. If they are of lineal descent of a current member or reside in the same household as a Sons of Norway member, they are exempt from paying dues under the "Family Membership" program. Both dues exempt and dues paying Unge Venner can vote, hold office and serve as delegates to conventions.

Another benefit available to Sons of Norway members is a wide variety of financial products. Financial Benefits Counselors are often fellow Sons of Norway members who are located in your area and are available to assist you.

If you wish to become a member or to learn more about membership in Sons of Norway, District Five, go to our Lodges page, locate a lodge near your home, and see what opportunities that lodge offers. For further information, contact the lodge with your questions and/or request a membership application.

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Become a member of Sons of Norway as it benefits its members and families
while it preserves and promotes our Norwegian heritage.