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Norwegian Genealogy Names Power Point Presentation

Carmen has created an informative power point on the Norwegina names history relating to genealogy. 

In regard to presenting the Norwegian Genealogy Names program at your lodge. 
Contact: Carmen Collins at Nordkap Lodge - 

Stave Churches of America and Norway

Stave Churches of America
Did you know there are six stave churches in America?  From 1880 to 2001, Americans built churches to celebrate their Norwegian heritage.  Some are replicas of stave churches in Norway, and some are original, yet built in the original tradition.  Some are long used churches, and some are just for commercialism.
Enjoy learning about their construction, location, and use.  Maybe you could take a trip to one and see the culture of your ancestors.

Stave Churches of Norway
Have you visited all remaining stave churches in Norway?  If you have, WOW!  There are 42 remaining all over Norway.  If you would like to discover their locations, history, and artistic style. I’d love to share a PowerPoint with you in person or over the internet.

Contact Speaker: Corlene Bartels  at

1893 Voyage of the Viking Ship

1893 Voyage of the Viking Ship
At the World’s Columbian Exhibition (World’s Fair) which took place in Chicago in 1893, the biggest attraction was Viking. The modern historical ship was constructed in Norway using traditional methods .  Once completed, the ship was sailed from its Scandinavian shipyard to the Hudson River, connecting to the Great Lakes through the Erie Canal, and eventually Chicago.
Hear the feats of the Norwegian sailors and their events along the voyage, the thousands of visitors who came to see her from states away, and the construction of Viking as well as its current home and future. 

Contact Corlene Bartels:

Bert and Lindy

Bert and Lindy

Bert and Lindy are Carol (Bert) Griesbach and Linden (Lindy) Griesbach are members of SON D5 Valhall Lodge .
Bert got her nickname in college. Before she was married, she was Carol Bertelrud, the daughter of Norwegian immigrants.
She grew up on a southwest Wisconsin dairy farm where Norwegian was her first language.

Bert and Lindy met at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and the two started making music together
shortly after. Marriage and a family followed and after more than 40 years, Bert and Lindy still share a love of
gospel, bluegrass, country, and folk songs. Inspired by Bert’s heritage, they include some Norwegian songs in
their performances.

Nordic News Radio has moved

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Livsreise- Norwegian Heritage Center
277 W Main Street, Stoughton WI
*** We are open Tuesday through Saturday 9:30 am-4:30 pm.
We tell the story of Norwegian immigration between 1825-1920 plus • We are a free Norwegian cultural center/museum. • No steps- easy accessibility for those with mobility issues • Large parking lot available across the street or limited handicapped parking behind the building • Seating provided in the main gallery for those who are not able to stand for any length of time. • Kiosks are designed for easy reading for visitors of all ages • Lounge area with upholstered seating near the entrance • 68 seat handicapped accessible auditorium – hearing loop enabled • In-house genealogy center to allow guests to work on genealogy of Norwegian ancestors (Assistance available with prior notice) • Friendly and knowledgably staff who have been “Dementia trained” available to give extra attention to visitors if needed We would welcome a visit by your Lodge. Plan on at least 45 minutes for your visit which will include a short 15 minute video on immigration, guided tour of our galleries by staff and trained volunteers. A chance to navigate our recently enhanced cultural kiosks. ***Recent additions of new content have been made to all 5 of our Heritage kiosks along with easier one-finger navigation. Our NEW Knud Knudsen photography exhibit debuts on March 16!

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