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Østestaden 642

Østestaden Lodge (The Cheese City Lodge) 5-642, is in Monroe, Wisconsin.

Can a group of Norwegians find happiness in Monroe, home of so many Swiss descendants?

Marion Boynton initiated the formation of the Østestaden Lodge of Monroe, Wisconsin.  She was a member of Vennelag 513 in Mount Horeb, but she did not like driving at night, so she sent a postcard to International Headquarters in Minneapolis, asking why they could not have a Sons of Norway Lodge in Monroe, Wisconsin.

Officials in the Fifth District Lodge responded by assisting in the formation of our new lodge.

The “Original Five” (Marion Boynton, Edith and LeRoy Severson, Ancil Norland and Gaylord Swenson) met with Jon Grinde, Fifth District President and Hjalmer (Jolly) Hanson, a member of the Fifth District board, at the Grace Lutheran Church of Monroe to discuss forming a new lodge in Monroe.
A temporary slate of officers was named.         

Chairperson: Ancil Norland, Secretary: Edith Severson, Co-Treasures: LeRoy Severson and Gaylord Swenson.
After several planning meetings with Jolly Hanson (Nordland Lodge 544), the Østestaden Lodge was formally installed on June 14, 1996 at Grace Lutheran Church in Monroe.  “Østestaden” means “cheese place”. After a bountiful potluck supper, Fifth District officers Jon Grinde, Fifth District President and George Sievers, and Jolly Hanson officiated at the installation of the new lodge.
The Østestaden Lodge Charter Banquet took place in New Glarus on October 26, 1996 with 57 members and friends attending. This date happened to be the one-year anniversary of the first meeting in Monroe on October 26, 1995 of the “Original Five” (Marion Boynton, Edith and LeRoy Severson, Ancil Norland and Gaylord Swenson).
Fifth District President, Jon Grinde presented the charter, which included 69 names to Ostestaden President, Paul Nelson. Also officiating were International Director George Sievers and Jolly Hanson of Nordland Lodge 544 in Janesville.  New members were initiated in the traditional Sons of Norway ceremony.

District 5 Vice President Jostein Bakken was also in attendance.
Østestaden was instituted On June 14, 1996

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