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Photo Guidelines for Viking Magazine Submission

Digital photos must have a resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch) or greater with no visible pixelation or blur and at least 3" x 5" physical size.  (a minimum of 1 to 10 megabytes (MB)
Printed photos must be a minimum of 3" X 5" in physical size and reflect the same quality as professional processed photos. There must be no visible ink dots, stripes or patterns from the printing process.
Please DO NOT write caption information on the back of the photo as the pen pressure damages the printed photo.
Photos should be crisp and clear, a blurry or grainy photo cannot be used . 
The photo must contain Sons of Norway members and caption information must relate directly to the content of the photograph.
Photos of only inanimate objects (handcrafts, food items, murals, etc.) will not be used.
Photos must be visually interesting, well lit and of good composition.  It is best to avoid photos containing distracting items in the foreground.
Composite or digitally altered images will not be used.
When emailing a photo from a tablet or smart phone, be sure to send the largest possible file size offered.
Manually attach digital photos to your email via the attachment button(often denoted by a paperclip icon) in your email program.
Photos obtained from the internet or social media sites like Facebook & Twitter usually do not reflect the image size and resolution quality needed for printing in the Viking magazine.
Do Not color correct or use filters and special effects.
It is always best to send in the original unaltered digital file or photo.
Photos sent in via PicMonkey should be avoided if possible as the program automatically reduces the image size prior to being sent.

For more information on how to submit photos for the Viking Magazine when using your digital camera, IPAD or IPhone  download the current copy of "Viking Magazine District and Photo Guideline" found under the "About us" Tab and District 5 Documents.