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District 5 Scandinavian Photo Contest Results

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                                                                                                                                              * lodge winners
Diane Piper (FIRST PLACE TIE)                   5-457     Solvang (Westby WI) *  #1080
Ken Johnson (FIRST PLACE TIE)                  5-472     Polar Star (Montgomery IL) *  #1148
Pam Knudtson                                            5-028     Wergeland (La Crosse WI) *  #1212
Jim Secora                                                 5-100     Skjold (Palatine IL) * #1003
Michael Charman                                        5-689     Shawnee Skogen (Carbondale IL) * #1242
Allen Watrud                                              5-513     Vennelag (Mount Horeb WI) * #1073
Evelyn McDaniel                                         5-681     Music City Vikings (Nashville TN) * #1100
Mary Ivalis                                                 5-028     Wergeland (La Crosse WI) #1255
Kathy Secora                                             5-100     Skjold (Palatine IL) #1011
Mathea Diedrich                                        5-074     Idun (Madison WI) * #1313
Michael Charman (PEOPLES CHOICE)         5-689     Shawnee Skogen (Carbondale IL) #1244
Mark Bjorgo                                              5-082     Fosselyngen (Milwaukee WI) #1021
Victor Bekkum                                          5-353     Dovre (Barron WI) #1030
Cheryl Wille-Schlesser                               5-513     Vennelag (Mount Horeb WI) #1057
LODGE WINNERS (alphabetical by lodge):
Joan O'Bryan                                            5-610     Askeladden (Kalamazoo MI) #1241
Connie Kross                                            5-525     Cleng Peerson (Norway IL) #1234
Florence Weise                                        5-353     Dovre (Barron WI) #1020
Susan Herman                                          5-657     Edvard Grieg (Cincinnati OH) #1278
Mark Bjorgo                                             5-082     Fosselyngen (Milwaukee WI) #1016
Joy Bashara                                             5-632     Grønnvik (Green Bay WI) #1175
Jean Sivertson                                         5-029     Løven (Eau Claire WI) #1050
Diane Maurer                                           5-314     Mandt (Stoughton WI) #1106
Erik Duus                                                 5-378     Nordkap (Detroit MI) #1285
Georgia Kestol                                         5-544     Nordland (Beloit-Janesville WI) #1180
Cindy Aasen                                             5-183     Nordlyset (Racine WI) #1138
Linda Hash                                               5-491     Norse Valley (Appleton WI) #1092
Corlene Bartels                                        5-650     Norsemen of the Lakes (Elkhorn WI) #1023
Eben Robertson                                        5-642     Ostestaden (Monroe WI) #1103
Kathleen Serley                                        5-496     Rib Fjell (Wausau WI) #1194
James Nelson                                           5-600     Scandiana (Chesterton IN) #1202
Lee Ann Harp                                           5-168     Valhall (Rockford IL) #1065
Sandra Olson                                            5-053     Valkyrien (Woodville WI) #1078
Clark Brekke                                            5-677     Vikings of the Smokies (Farragut TN) #1159

 OTHER ENTRANTS PICKED FOR CARDS (alphabetical, by lodge):
Robin Fossum                                          5-353     Dovre (Barron WI) #1325
Dennis Weise                                           5-353     Dovre (Barron WI) #1008
Sheila Kershek                                         5-082     Fosselyngen (Milwaukee WI) #1034
Jason Jacobson                                        5-314     Mandt (Stoughton WI) #1273
Sharol Hopwood                                       5-681     Music City Vikings (Nashville TN) #1054
Bob Giles                                                 5-378     Nordkap (Detroit MI) #1257
Chuck Johnson                                         5-183     Nordlyset (Racine WI) #1186
Cheryl Miller                                            5-183     Nordlyset (Racine WI) #1041
Beth Nelson                                             5-183     Nordlyset (Racine WI) #1125
Ruth Wieland                                           5-183     Nordlyset (Racine WI) #1295
Art Andersen                                           5-472     Polar Star (Montgomery IL) #1130
Barb Johnson                                           5-472     Polar Star (Montgomery IL) #1142
Jeannell Charman                                    5-689     Shawnee Skogen (Carbondale IL) #1249
Wendy Winkelman                                    5-689     Shawnee Skogen (Carbondale IL) #1087
Michael Jones                                          5-168     Valhall (Rockford IL) #1303
Vicki Rudh-Jones                                      5-168     Valhall (Rockford IL) #1322
Karen Eberhardt                                       5-513     Vennelag (Mount Horeb WI) #1218
Duane Kittleson                                        5-513     Vennelag (Mount Horeb WI) #1039
Harley Skjervem                                       5-513     Vennelag (Mount Horeb WI) #1172
Cheryl Wille-Schlesser                               5-513     Vennelag (Mount Horeb WI) #1060
Glenn Borreson                                         5-028     Wergeland (La Crosse WI) #1026
Carla Burkhardt                                        5-028     Wergeland (La Crosse WI) #1152
Carol Stekel                                             5-028     Wergeland (La Crosse WI) #1120
Constance Aiello, Karen Brodhead, Meg Canepa, Carmen Collins, Lynn Matheson Curtis, Kirstin Dallman, Olga Fast, Barbara Friel, Bruce Friel,
Louise Giles, Gail Hadley, Roger Hanson, Gary Knudtson, Sharon Lassiter, Margaret Listug, Greg Morehead, Mary Morehead, Shirley Schoenfeld,
Joseph Stekel, Victor Bekkum

District 5 Scandinavian Photo Contest

  View photos here:

Your Scandinavian photo can be part of a deck of
Nordic playing cards, which Sons of Norway District
5 will be making available for purchase in time for
the 2020 Christmas season.

To enter, you can submit up to five of your best
Nordic photos, so the district can choose which
photos are best for the playing card deck. Deadline
is July 5, 2020.

Each lodge which participates will have at least one
card in the deck. If every lodge in the district
participates, we will be able to fill almost the entire
deck with one card per lodge.

The winner's name and lodge will be printed at the
bottom of the card. Winners will receive a deck of
Nordic cards, plus a special certificate. There will also be
special "People's Choice" awards.

Some subject areas to consider:
1.) landscapes or scenery
2.) transportation including railroads, highways and bridges
3.) people and cultural events
4.) museums, churches, government and historical buildings
5.) folk creatures (trolls, nisse, etc.) (for use as Jokers)
Because "portrait" (tall and not wide) photos will be used on the playing cards, not "landscape" (wide and not tall), consider this in how you select photos to enter in this contest.

1.) You must be a up-to-date Sons of Norway member in District 5.
2.) You must have taken the photos in a Scandinavian country.
3.) Up to five photos may be submitted.
4.) Photos can be digital or print. Digital photos should be a resolution of at least one MB or larger, and 300 dpi or higher). Submit digital images via email in JPEG format. Use a separate email for each picture you enter.
5.) Print photos can also be submitted by mail as a physical 5 X 7 copy of the photo. (A digital image is preferred vs. physical photograph.)
6.) After your submission, the photo will be cropped for the aspect ratio (0.566) needed for a playing card. This will be done by the district, and the cropped photo will be emailed to you for approval.
7.) You may also submit your photos in the 0.566 aspect ratio, if you wish. (At 300 dpi, the digital image will be 857 pixels wide x 1507 high.)
8.) A lower resolution version of your photo will be put on the District 5 website, so a "People's Choice" vote can be done.
9.) Submit a short write-up (3 to 5 sentences) to accompany each photo, to explain the subject of each photo.
10.) Your entry must be postmarked or emailed by July 5, 2020, 12:59 PM.
11.) The winners will be selected based by the "People's Choice" voting on the District 5 website, as well as by the District 5 Photo Contest Committee.

For a downloadable / printable version, for this District 5 Scandinavian Photo Contest, click here.
For a downloadable / printable version, for this District 5 Scandinavian Photo Contest Entry Form, click here

Submit your entry to: Christina Fairchild, 226 W. River St., Rockton IL 61072
Email subject lineshould be:"Photo contest - Your Name"

2020 Lodge Banner Contest

2020 Lodge Banner Contest

The District 5 Board of Director’s would like to encourage each lodge to create a Lodge Banner to display for publicity purposes during their lodge events, conventions, etc. To maintain a standard for the Lodge Banners, we have provided some specifications below.

We encourage each Lodge to participate in this contest and display (on their own banner stand) their Lodge Banners at the 2020 District 5 Convention in Madison, WI where they will be voted on by convention attendees. There will be two categories: commercial or hand made.

If your lodge already has a Banner that meets these specifications, please bring it to the Convention. Three prizes will be given based on convention attendees votes.

  1. ‘People’s Choice Over All’ gift card (monetary amount to be determined)
  2. 2 ‘Honorable Mention’ [one for Commercial and one Lodge/hand made] gift card (monetary amount to be determined)

Lodges look at what other Lodges have made for your lodge idea.

Additional handouts to help will be found on the D5 Website:

Banner Specifications

  1. Suggested Size between 2 ft x 3 ft up to 3 ft x 6 ft.
  2. Hang banner vertically on a 1” diameter wood dowel with 2 eye screws (one on each end) for hanging purposes.
  3. A Base stand to hang the banner
  4. Material: Any material except paper (drapery fabric works well).
  5. Lodge name appears somewhere on the banner
  6. Banner theme relates to the individual lodge.
  7. Banners can be made in any color.
  8. Banners will belong to their lodge, but will be displayed throughout the District Convention.

Questions can be directed to:

Karen Eberhardt, District 5 Publicity Director or cellphone 608-577-5906

For a downloadable / printable version, of this 2020 Lodge Banner Contest information, click here.