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Masse Moro Heritage Camp

What is Masse Moro? Masse Moro is a Norwegian Heritage camp with a rich history specifically created with a focus on sharing the history, arts and rich culture of Norway with our youth since 1979. Norwegian language is one of the key components to our program. Campers leave their American culture behind for 2 weeks and participate in daily activites in a hands-on atmosphere learning camp songs, Norwegian vocabulary classes, team sports, and a variety of traditional Norwegian arts, cuisine and Norwegian history.

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Join Us For 2024: July 14th - 27th

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Message from Your 2023 District 5 Youth Director

Hi all,
I am the new Youth Director for District 5.  It is with excitement and enthusiasm that I look forward to the 2023 Masse Moro camp. The camp administrators, Leif Williams and Keir Kristiansen, are in the process of planning a terrific camp experience, and I know that they hope to increase attendance over recent years.  I am therefore reaching out to our lodges for help spreading the word about this wonderful camp.  I've tried to include each lodge's president as well as its publicity director (or secretary if there is no designated publicity director) in this email, since I'm using a 2022 list which may not have the most current information.  If you are no longer holding an office in your lodge, please forward this email to the appropriate individual.

I've attached a full-page color flyer advertising Masse Moro.  It would be greatly appreciated if each lodge would electronically share the flyer with its respective members. 

Please note that scholarships are available to help reduce the cost to families.  The deadline to apply for financial assistance is a month from now, March 15.

My contact information is shown below, and I am more than happy to answer any questions that you or your members might have about Masse Moro.  In the event that you would like a presentation at a lodge meeting, please let me know.  We would be happy to organize an in-person, video, or power-point presentation for you.  

With thanks,

Lisa Rove-Williams
SON D5 Youth Director
771 W. Dresser Road
DeKalb, IL  60115

The Sarah Paulsen Memorial Scholarships for year 2023.

The Sarah Paulsen Memorial Scholarship Committee announces the following:
There will be 2 scholarships made available for the year 2023, each in the amount of $250.00 to cover 25% of the total fee for the year 2023 District 5 Heritage Youth Camp.
Like last year, the Scholarship Committee will not do any direct mailings to any Lodges or Lodge Officers. The committee feels and hopes that with your help this announcement can, via the Dist. 5 Web site, be shared with Lodges and members throughout District 5.
To everybody reading this message: Please, share this information with your newsletter Editor and fellow members.
All interested Camp Applicants can also request application form(s) from the Scandiana Treasurer, Oleif Olsaker
                                    114 Maplewood Trl.
                                    Michigan City, IN 46360
                                    Telephone        219-877-7457
The completed Application must be postmarked by April 15th, and mailed to the address above
I am really happy to see us still being able to continue this scholarship program this year and for a few years to come. Hopefully it will help promote 2 weeks of MASSE MORO, and providing an award for each of the deserving applicants.
 Oleif Olsaker, Treasurer

Velkommen til the Magic of Masse Moro - 2022!

Following a year of the pandemic, uncertainties, health restrictions, and much more, our young campers had an extremely awesome time at Masse Moro this past summer. We look forward to our forty-third year of sharing the enthusiasm and vitality of Masse Moro with our young campers.

The magic of Masse Moro will begin on Sunday, July 17, 2022 and end with a special program the morning of Saturday, July 30, 2022 at Beaver Creek Reserve in Fall Creek, Wisconsin.

Masse Moro provides an excellent opportunity for our youth ages 9 to 15 years of age. Our camp strives to fulfill the mission of Sons of Norway by preserving and promoting our Norwegian heritage. Campers do not have to be Sons of Norway members to attend camp.

Sons of Norway District 5 has strived over the years to keep our tuition lower than any other comparable camp. Unfortunately, as you are aware, our expenses have increased in the past few years. The rental of our camp facility, the increase in food expenses and paying our staff a more realistic salary have contributed to our decision to increase the tuition for 2022. The tuition will increase to $1000 for our two week amazing Norwegian Heritage experience at Masse Moro.

The good news is that District 5 has approved an increase in matching grant funds for our campers. Campers who are members, or sponsored by a parent, grandparent or aunt or uncle who are members of a District 5 Lodge may be eligible for a matching grant up to $250 toward their Masse Moro tuition. District 5 Lodges who are able to support the camper with a grant of $250 will be matched by District 5 so the actual cost for these campers will be $500. Campers are encouraged to reach out to their sponsoring Lodges to discuss their eligibility and offer assistance for fund raising opportunities.

With the increase in tuition costs for our campers; we would appreciate the financial support of our Sons of Norway Lodges and Members. If your Lodge is considering giving a gift to a deserving program, I encourage you to consider Masse Moro. If this is the wish of your members, please write a check to Nordic Legacy Foundation and indicate that it is to support Masse Moro.

Masse Moro has been extremely fortunate to receive the wonderful support of District 5 and our Sons of Norway Lodges. We appreciate their support and that of our parents, grandparents and other sponsors of our young people.

Sons of Norway Lodges who would like to learn more about the “Day in the life of a Masse Moro Camper” are encouraged to contact me to make a presentation to your Lodge.

As a result of the talents, enthusiasm, and commitment of our Masse Moro staff we will again touch the lives of our young people by providing them a taste of their Norwegian heritage. We look forward to “Lots of Fun” this summer at Masse Moro.Tusen Takk from all of us at Masse Moro!!

Sandra Olson
Sons of Norway District 5 Youth Director