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Fish Boil with Vasa

October 1st, 2023
Lutheran Church, 504 S. Westnedge, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Gail Thompson-Hadley 269-845-2265
Kalamazoo’s Vasa Satellite Lodge has invited Askeladden members to join them for their traditional Fish Boil on Sunday, October 1, at 2 p.m. at Trinity Lutheran Church, 504 S. Westnedge in Kalamazoo. Arrive as early as noon to sit around the fire and chat and watch the fish cook. The exciting pyrotechnic boil-over may happen as early as 2 p.m.

You are invited to bring your family and friends.
Please bring some variety of salad or pie to share.
In addition to the fish and potatoes, a traditional Wisconsin fish boil typically features coleslaw and cherry pie.

Following the dinner, Askeladden members will move to the lounge for a required business meeting