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2022 KAFFE STUE-Norwegian Luncheon

July 16th, 2022
Mount Horeb, WI
Cheryl Wille-Schllesser - Email:
Additional Information:
Saturday, July 16, 2022,
9 AM to 2 PM
Mt. Horeb Community Center,
107 North Grove Street
Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin 53572
Inside and Outdoor Seating
Take away boxes

Open-Faced Sandwiches/Meats Offered
Roast Beef, Ham,  Lox, 
Herring served in a cup with crackers
Hot dog rolled in lefse
Turkey Lefse Wrap
Veggie Lefse Wrap

Salads Sliced Cucumber Fresh fruit
Sweets Sweet soup-strawberry Frycakes Rosettes Sandbakkels Krumkake Lefse Rømmegrøt Almond Cake
Beverages Water, Lemonade or Coffee

A BAKE SALE will offer many traditional favorites for your enjoyment. This year’s proceeds will fund youth scholarships!

Tusen takk for your support!