The Friendly Fifth

Vice President Messages

Fra SofN D5 Vice President - Cheryl Wille-Schlesser

Valkyrien Lodge from Woodville, WI, has made it to Norway! Really! Many members of the Valkyrien Lodge of Woodville, WI who are walking in their spare time for exercise have now reached Ringsaker, Norway for a total of 4,036 miles. Nine people have earned a Bronze walking medal for 100 miles and five have earned their Silver Medal for walking another 180 miles. Two have earned the Gold medal for walking an additional 270 miles. Now, we can turn around and see if we can walk home to Wisconsin. Audrey Severson President, Valkyrien Lodge
*For more information about the Sports Medal program, dial 612-821-4640, Sons of Norway headquarters.

New positions have been added to the membership division in Minneapolis.
David Crabb
overseas strategic planning and works on future fraternal engagement projects such as offerings that could appeal to a younger demographic. Contact:, Phone 612-821-4605
Connie O'Brien is the overall Membership Manager. Contact: , Phone: 612-821-4618
Doris Kamstra works with the annual lodge recruitment contest and other programs; she assists with membership issues as needed. Contact: 612-821-4697
Sherry Gorse enrolls new members, has access to lodge history, disbanded lodges, and can help you with membership reports. She can assist a lodge in finding people who may have been placed in the Spirit New Century or Central Lodges. Contact: 612-821-4643 (Sherry has the most tenure in this department and can answer your questions quickly.)
In addition, Lodges should report any member deaths to their membership or financial secretary who will in turn share this information with the headquarters staff.

There is a new webmaster for the Order, Nick Hennin. Contact:
Contact Mr. Hennin if you wish to obtain your lodge’s logo. A vector image will be created and returned to you that can be used for publicity purposes, placed on signage advertising your lodge, or it can be added and used on your lodge’s letterhead or in electronic communications.

Zone Directors, local Presidents and others from time to time may need to order membership materials.
The Sons of Norway Supply Department is managed by Mary Henkels. Contact: 612-821-4645--Please leave a voice mail message for her.
The staff is taking summer vacation, and many individuals are working from home during the pandemic. Your lodge’s membership committee should check your current inventory of items and prepare for post pandemic days. Most lodges are looking forward to possible fall events where membership information can be shared.
Local Presidents…How have you kept your Lodge’s programming in front of your members? Some lodges have opted for virtual meetings. Information can be shared in a Power Point presentation on a Zoom format. If a Lodge president would like me to schedule a virtual meeting for your lodge and you do not have Zoom capabilities, please notify me. You will have access to the Go to Meeting website where you can hold a lodge meeting, conduct any business that is needed, or invite a speaker to make a presentation.
In case you missed it, a new electronic publication, Viking for Kids will launch in August 2020. It will contain a variety of content such as feature articles, puzzles, quizzes, coloring pages, and facts about Norway. It is produced by the Sons of Norway staff for readers ages 8 to 14. It is a quarterly publication and can be downloaded from . Print some of these for your next meeting or membership event!
We must make Sons of Norway relevant to younger people if their membership is important to us. As our lodges and districts look forward to new lodge activities and membership recruitment let us keep this quote in mind, Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations-Zig Ziglar.

Cheryl Wille-Schlesser
District 5 Vice President