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Administrative Duties Fourth Quarter 2006

October: The local lodge Liability Insurance must be paid by October 1 each year. This counts on Lodge of the Year forms. If received late by Headquarters, 0 points.

October: At the first regular meeting in October, the Committee shall present to the Lodge it's slate of candidates recommended for office. Nominations may be made from the floor at the time of election.

November: Election of officers shall take place no later than the first meeting of November each year (Paragraph 160 Charter & Constitutions).

November/December: President and Secretary of each lodge should receive package of Scholarship forrns and Applications for Norwegian Heritage Youth Camp from the Youth Director. (Last years campers will receive applications, if not past the eligible age, at a later date).

December: Report of Officers elected on form D63 to be filed with District Secretary, Mary Jane Bennett, no later than December 20. International must receive D63 Form by December 31. Election of officers, form D63, must be received by International headquarters no later than December 31. This date will be changed to December 15, so watch for this change. Officers must have been a member of Sons of Norway for at least 3 months to be eligible for election. (Paragraph 163 Charter & Constitutions).

December 31, Financial Report D 17 is to be completed, signed by Treasurer (Financial Secretary if applicable) Mailed to headquarters & District Secretary by March 1.

Fraternally, Harland Anderson, President 

Fifth District Sons of Norway