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Vice President Message May 2007

All of the lodges in the Fifth District will be receiving the December 31, 2006 membership count that will be used to figure the 5% or better increase in membership for the Fifth District "Increase in Membership Incentive Award" that will be given at our next District Meeting in Madison. Each lodge should have received that number last January with the membership report mailed from Minneapolis, but this will be a good reminder. The District Membership Committee is also requesting information about your membership committee and plans for lodge recruitment activities. Please get that information to us.

Information regarding New Member Breakfasts in some of the lodges, has been reported and that is great. There are some revised rules for the new member meals from Len Carlson, and it may have some effect on smaller lodges. The annual event at some lodges has been very successful in bringing in new members. Even if your lodge cannot come up with 10 prospective members, the breakfast, lunch or dinner might be worth a try. Perhaps there are other ways of funding the meal if you cannot qualify for the Sales and Marketing Department financial commitment. What is a new member worth to your Lodge? Keep in mind the ''Norwegian Experience," and the "Fifth District Incentive," when you make your plans.

International President Ted Fosberg told the District Board, it is important to have a plan and the plans should relate to your annual goals. From our Membership Coordinator at Sons of Norway, Nichole Neuman, establish SMART goals. The acronym stands for S-smart, M-Membership Program Guide, A-agreed upon, R-realistic, T-timely.

Make good use of your Membership Recruitment and Retention Kit as well. Several lodges have indicated the M, R and R Kit has been a valuable tool for them. Have you used the Member Satisfaction Survey yet? You may be surprised with the results. Keeping members excited about membership and participation in lodge meetings is crucial to a successful lodge year.

Lykke til on membership concerns.

Gil Bergsrud, Vice President 5th District, Sons of Norway