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District Secretary's Report Spring 2015

District 5 Board Meeting
The District Board met in Stoughton on March 27-28, 2015. We were honored to have SN Foundation Director Cindy Olson and SN Fraternal Director Linda Pederson in attendance. The highlights of the meeting will be emailed to lodge presidents and secretaries and posted on the District 5 website.

Fundraising Committee Recruitment
The District has a fundraising committee that focuses on bringing additional income to the District treasury. The funds are used for identified projects (i.e. Masse Moro, Barnebirkie, scholarships), operating funds for the board, and for support of activities such as delegates to the International Convention and other work of the district.

The committee has struggled for ideas and really needs committee members who enjoy fundraising, development work, and other related activities. If you are interested, please contact committee chair, Darlene Arneson, at

Viking Pilgrimage
Sons of Norway is excited to announce a new member benefit, a Virtual Pilgrimage on Norway's historic Kongsveien or Old Kings Way! The program is an addition to the Sons of Norway's Sports Medal Program, which rewards members for living an active lifestyle.
The Sons of Norway Virtual Pilgrimage is a window into the experience of the pilgrims in Norway, who walk a network of routes called St. Olav's Ways. This network is named after King Olav Harraldson (995-1030) who trekked these trails converting pagan Norway to Christianity. The Gudbrandsdalen route, upon which the Sons of Norway Virtual Pilgrimage is based, is the most popular section for pilgrims on the King's Way. The nearly 400 mile journey starts in Oslo and ends at Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, the burial ground of St. Olav. Members will keep track of their mileage and track their journey at home while following along with the journey in Norway.
On this page members will learn about historic landmarks and tourist destinations along the route in Norway. Simply by getting out to walk at home and following the journey online, members have a chance to transform into a pilgrim on a virtual journey in Norway. After 387 miles of walking, the journey finishes at Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway. Members will receive recognition for their hard work from the Sons of Norway Headquarters.
Print out a Pilgrimage record card found on the Sons of Norway website or ask your lodge sports director for more information.
Walk around your neighborhood, park, shopping mall or gym.
Track your mileage on your record card.
Learn about historical locations along the Pilgrimage route in Norway by clicking on the Legs to the right.
Track your route on a map of Norway and after 387 miles of walking the virtual journey will end at Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway.
You must finish your 387 miles by the end of 2015.
Turn in your record card to your lodge sports director and receive recognition of completion from the Sons of Norway Headquarters.

Media Lending Library
There's always something to explore. Available exclusively to our members for lodge and personal use, the Sons of Norway media lending library is a treasure trove of resources in entertainment, instruction and discovery. Featuring both modern and classic pieces, the library is available to members of all interests and age levels.
Youth Media- Our collection of youth media includes contemporary movies like Dreamworks Animation's How to Train Your Dragon, video stories in Norwegian (no subtitles), an activity idea bank and much more.
Slide Programs- Enrich your lodge events with a unique slide program on Norwegian traditions and customs, famous Norwegians and places, Norwegian geography, history and art.
Video Programs- From musical concerts and popular films to biographies, televised series, and instructional videos, there's a lot to explore and enjoy in the video section of our library.
Musical CDs- Jazz, folk, pop, classical and orchestral – treat yourself to the sounds of Norwegian music and artists.

Guidelines for Requests
Allow 8 week's notice when placing a request.
You can request up to three items at a time.
Please include alternative selections in case your first choices aren't available.
Indicate the date materials are needed in your request.
Sons of Norway covers initial shipping cost, and members are responsible for return shipping.
Overnight shipping can be provided, if items are available, at additional cost to the member.
A $50 replacement fee is charged in case of lost or unreturned videos.
Please note: material lists are subject to change and availability is not guaranteed.
To request or donate items, contact the media specialist:
Sons of Norway Media Lending Library?1455 W. Lake Street?Minneapolis, MN 55408-2666

You can also email, or call toll-free 1-800-945-8851.?Members in Minnesota, please call 612-827-3611.