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Publicity Director Report May 2007

Thank you again for the many newsletters sent to me. The deadline for OFFICER MESSAGES AND EVENTS is AUGUST 1,2007. E-mail

The following message is from Karen Hankee a member of Solvang Lodge #457, Westby, WI. Our lodge is looking for a lodge to sponsor a group of dancers and musicians (about 35) from Norway in May of 2008. We want to extend their stay in the U.S. 2-3 days. Please call me at (608)634-3825 if you are interested. We hope one of the lodges in the Chicago or Milwaukee area will help us. Thank you.

This notice is a year in advance so there is plenty of time for lodges that are able to host this group to make plans.

Fraternally, Marie Peterson
5th District Publicity Director