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Report from the District Secretary Autumn 2014

It's Election Time!
Your lodge secretary will be receiving information soon about your lodge officer elections and how they need to send in updates to both the International Office and District Secretary. The deadline for submitting the D-63 report is December 15. There are a variety of ways you can update these: going on-line or filling out the paper copy. Either way- both the International Office and I need a copy of your new officers, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. Please do not just send me a list of names or a note saying "all are the same". That does not help me catch any address changes, email or phone changes from officers that are continuing in their positions. And even if your lodge has elections every other year and this is the off year, you still need to submit the forms! The deadline is very important in convention years as we need to generate the delegate election letter shortly after the calendar year ends. We can't do that until all officers election forms are received. So PLEASE schedule your officer elections so you can meet this December 15 deadline.

Your current By-laws and other operating documents
During the past year, I’ve been trying to get your updated lodge by-laws as many of the ones that I have are probably very outdated and that your lodge probably has current versions. I am asking that each lodge send me an updated copy of their current by-laws and any other document that you feel the district should have. My target date for this project is November 30. You can send the documents to Darlene Arneson, 2056 Skaalen Rd., Stoughton, WI 53589 or email them to

2014 District Five Lodge Meeting Minutes
The minutes of the 2014 District Lodge Meeting were approved by the District Board at the October meeting. I will be sending a copy to all delegates to the District Lodge meeting along with the President of each lodge. If the President was also a delegate, he/she will only get one copy. There will also be two CD’s in the package to the lodge Presidents- a CD with pictures from the convention and one with PowerPoints from both the District Convention and International Conventions that can be used in your lodges.

Zone and Lodge Assignments
President Owen Christianson has assigned District 5 Board members to lodges. Please add your zone director to your lodge’s contact list and invite him/her to visit your lodge meetings and events. The Board of Directors is here to serve your lodges and help where needed.

Zone 1- David Hermundson (other seat is vacant): Loven 29, Trygvason 220, Nordlandet 620, Viking 625, Ulseth 670, Norrona 27, Valkyrien 53, Dovre 353, and Sjoland 635.

Zone 2- Ron Iverson: Wergeland 28, Jotunheimen 286, Solvang 457, Fossen 534 and Fagernes 616. Owen Christianson: Rib Fjell 496, Elvedal 556, Norskeland 580, Myrmarken 609 and Vennligfolk 627.

Zone 3- Dennis Westgor: Idun 74, Vakkertland 570 and Norsemen of the Lakes 650. Cheryl Wille-Schlesser: Mandt 314, Vennelag 513, Nordland 544 and Ostestaden 642.

Zone 4- Diane Hesseltvan Dinter: Fosselyngen 82, Norse Valley 491, Nordlyset 183 and Hafrsfjord 206. Joy Bashara: H R Holand 549, Vennskap 622 and Gronnvik 632.

Zone 5- Christina Fairchild: Valhall 168, Polar Star 472 and Cleng Peerson 525. Kathy Secora: Leif Erikson 97, Skjold 100, Trollhaugen 417 and Elvesund 593.

Zone 6- Andrew Johnsen: Nordkap 378, Samhold 473, Sonja Henie 490, Sognefjord 523, Christian Radich 568, Scandiana 600 and Askeladden 610. Esther Charlton: Circle City 614, Tre Elver 628, Knute Rockne 634, Edvard Grieg 657, Arcic Circle 662, Vikings of the Smokies 677 and Music City Vikings 681.