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2014 District 5 Folk Arts Competition Results

We are trying a new system to make our Folk Arts Competition more equitable, that is we have eliminated the professional and amateur skill levels. Now all skill levels are determined by performance in the competition. One 1st place will advance you one level, and two 2nd places or a 2nd and a 3rd place will also advance you one level. These awards will carry over to succeeding competitions.

We have also instituted a medalist program. The medalist is an overall program combining different categories together. A 1st place is 3 points, 2nd place is 2 points, and a 3rd is 1 points. A total of 6 points earns a bronze medal, 12 points earns a silver medal, and 18 points earns a gold medal with a medallion awarded at the banquet. These awards and their points carry over to succeeding competitions.

17 people advanced to intermediate, and 2 people moved to an advanced skill level. 4 people earned Bronze medalist standing. Several people were within one or two points of the Bronze medal, and one person was close to a silver medal. At the next competition, I expect we will have our first gold medalists.

The following is both our 1st place winners, and our promotion and medalist lists.

Advancing from Beginner to Intermediate

Weaving: Elspeth Christianson(1st place)
Hardanger: Susan Slinder (2nd and 3rd place)
Wood Carving: Roger Odalen (2nd and 3rd place)
Chip Carving: Jerome Rud (1st place)
Bent wood: Jerome Rud (1st place)
Rosemaling: Nancy Odalen (1st and 2nd place), Carol Anderson (1st and 3rd place)
Knitting: Jean Busker (1st place), Barb Johnson (2nd and 3rd place)
Needlework: Paul M. Nelson (1st place), Carol Culbertson (1st place), Lorraine Selvick (2nd and 3rd place)
Embroidery: Shirley Schoenfield (1st place)
Genealogy: Leah Johnson (1st place), Myrmarken (1st place), Carol Culbertson (1st place), Francis Turmo (1st place)

Advancing to Advanced:

Carving: Jimmy Miller (three 1st places), Donald Rorvig (two 1st places)

Bronze Medalists: Jimmy Miller, Carol Culbertson, Donald Rorvig, Jerome Rud