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President's Message May 2007

Congratulations to seven lodges in District Five who were recently awarded the Founders Award. Beside a nice plaque with the President’s name for 2006, a check of $50.00 was presented for a membership growth of between 3% and 19%. Hafrsfjord 206 for a 19% growth in the last calendar year of 2006. Solvang 457 for a growth of 4%, Polar Star 472 for a growth of 12%, H R Holand 549 for a growth of 3%, Lincolnland 598 for a growth of 16%, Knute Rockne 634 for a growth of 6%, and Edvard Grieg 657 for a growth of 4%. Lodges which grew their membership 20% or more $100.00 was awarded. It is noteworthy that H R Holand 549 won the Founders Award in 2005 while Lincolnland 598 and Edvard Grieg 657 won the Founders Award in 2004 and 2005. Let us see what we can do in 2007.
The Fifth District Board met on April 13th & 14th at Middleton, WI. We viewed the hotel facilities for the 2008 District Convention that will be hosted by Idun 74.
We were honored to have the International President present for the Spring Board Meeting. He continues to encourage us to work harder to accomplish the goals set for our District.
Some new goals were established for the Sons of Norway Foundation, District Five. Our District already leads all of the other Districts in our giving by lodges and individuals.
1.      Each lodge has at least one activity to celebrate Foundation Month in October.
2.      The Foundation is featured in at least one lodge newsletter and one issue of the Ole Bull each year.
3.      95% of all lodges contribute to the Foundation in some way.
4.      Have at least one ldoge per zone apply for Foundation funding each year.
The Leadership Workshops have almost been completed in District Five. A big thank you goes to the District Officers and Zone Directors who lead the workshops and to the lodges that hosted the workshops. The Leadership Workshops phase II were much different than Phase I and the response is really appreciated by the leaders.  If there is a lodge that did not participate and would like to, please contact your zone director to set up a workshop in your lodge. This can be done in as little as four hours. One lodge in District 1 met in the late afternoon and had pizza during their break. See what you can do if you use your imagination. The meeting hall and meal will be paid for by the International and District, plus printing materials, ect.
The Lodge of the Year Forms have been processed by me and the forms with total points delivered to headquarters. Only six lodges failed to turn in the Lodge of the Year Forms. Thank You to Lodge Secretaries who are responsible for completing the forms and mailing them to the zone directors who in turn mail them to the District President. If you have any problems, ask your zone director for help. If they do not have the answers, I can also be contacted.
Harland Anderson, President
Fifth District Sons of Norway