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International President Visits Ostestaden

Monroe Sons of Norway enjoyed a very special April
social when International president Ted Fosberg visited
the Ostestaden Lodge.  President Fosberg from Seattle,
Washington was elected president at the International
Convention held in Vancouver, British Columbia in
August of 2006.  With many years of experience in Sons
of Norway leadership, President Fosberg is very active
in the organization, working with other international and
district officers, leading numerous committees and board
members as the organization reaches out to meet it's
goals in various areas such as growth, membership,
foundation & insurance participation. 

When Ostestaden board members were notified that
President Fosberg was going to attend their April social
meeting, the membership committee decided this was a
perfect opportunity to make this a real membership event
with special entertainment, traditional Norwegian foods,
and formal invitations.  Committees of members joined
forces to create an evening that would attract the public
and celebrate the joys of Sons of Norway membership. 
Madison / Stoughton entertainers Ole and Sven were
hired to provide fun entertainment for lodge members
and guests--who numbered more than 80.  Beautiful
open faced sandwiches, herring, lefse, fresh fruit,
kransekake, were served to appreciative attendees. 
Updated Membership folders were available for those
guests interested in membership.
We were quite honored when President Fosberg
commended us in his address for using this opportunity
to help our membership grow by planning a unique
event that was of interest to the community as well as to
our lodge.  It was truly a great chance to celebrate with a
joyous evening of song, humor, delicious food,
enlightening words by the president, and good company.