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Program Presenters Summer 2011

District 5 Cultural Director Owen Christianson continues work on compiling a list of folks who offer to present interesting cultural and historic programs to your lodge.

Kjetil “KJ” Groven of Clarks Hill, Indiana

KJ will talk about:
Norwegian log and timber building, hand made Norwegian furniture, and hand forging (blacksmithing). 

email KJ  or call 605-490-9709

Ron and Frieda Nowland of La Crosse, Wisconsin

Ron and Frieda have a dozen Educational and Inspirational Programs, including: Through the Porthole, a tour of
Norway’s fjord country, Vikings in Istanbul, Viking Presence in Ireland, Norway Revisited, The Life of Leif, Viking Calling Cards

email Ron and Frieda or call 608-788-2098

Marv and Louise Lang with Vennligfolk of Plover, Wisconsin

Peter Wessel Tordenskjold: Naval Hero Extraordinaire, Gorge Sinclair, The Sottish Invasion of Norway, and the Bible
Knute Rockne: Chemical Norwegian All-American, Norwegians in Science Hannah Parr Norwegian Genealogy

email Marv and Louise

Owen and Elspeth Christianson with Myrmarken of Marshfield, Wisconsin

"Eat Like a Viking."  Come along with Owen and Elspeth on a trip back through time to the age of the Vikings. Owen uses Scandinavian turning to travel to the age of the Vikings, showing how the Vikings ate, drank, worked and played with objects made by turning on a lathe. Elspeth will describe Viking food and clothes.

“Grindbygningen: Norwegian Timberframe Building”

email Owen and Elspeth or call 715-687-4870