The Friendly Fifth

History of Lodges

Valkyrien 531

The charter of Valkyrien Lodge 53 dates back to August 1905, being one of the first ten charters issued by the Sons of Norway. At the height of membership and solvency the lodge purchased a vacated church on 5th Street in Hudson, WI. Membership declined after World War II and the building was sold. Thereafter business meetings were held in the community room of a bank building in Hudson.

In 1982 Valkyrien Lodge was reinstituted in Woodville, WI, a predominantly Norwegian community, with over 100 charter members. The lodge now has about 150 members, drawing from the neighboring towns. Every Monday night an enthusiastic group of Valkyriens get together for lessons in folk dancing.

Each year on the weekend nearest to May 17th the town of Woodville is crowded with Norwegians and their friends as they take part in Syttende Mai festivities. The members of Valkyrien set up displays ofrosemaling and other crafts, and have Norwegian pastries for sale. During the parade over 40 children march in native costume and perform the Norwegian folk dances.

In the four years of adult Heritage Camp, Valkyrien has been represented by several members in attendance.