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President's Message Summer 2014

Kjaere Venner,

It's been two months since our D5 convention, but to me it feels like two weeks because I've been traveling so much. I'd like to thank everyone for their congratulations upon becoming D5 President. I was not seeking this position, but I thought I should step up because I was in a position to do that. If I would not have, then I obviously could not hope that others would step up whether it is in your local lodge, at the district level, or at international. I feel that I am your representative, and with your help I will try to conduct the business of District 5 as well as I can. If you would like to have me visit your lodge, drop me an email at and we will set something up.

Our first order of business is to send a delegation to the International Convention next week. Even now delegates are traveling to Florida for the convention. When we get back each delegate will communicate what happened with their local lodges and on the website.

Our heritage camp Masse Moro ended Aug 2, and had another great year. It is without a doubt the best Norwegian heritage camp.

Check out our great website. We will have many new items by the end of the month, including reports from the International Convention.

Also check out your zone directors, listed on the website, and please invite them to visit your lodge. They are a resource for you and your local lodge.

I would like to try something new. I'd like to try a D5 teleconference once a month to improve communication between lodges and with the district. For the first time, I'd like to set up a conference call at the end of August or the first week of September, and let's try first come first up. Send me an email, and I will reply with the phone number, access code, date and time. My email is .

Hilsen, Owen Christianson