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Masse Moro

Masse Moro is a Norwegian language and heritage camp located on the Beaver Creek Nature Reserve in Fall Creek, Wisconsin. The 2007 Camp will run from Sunday, July 15 through Saturday, July 28.

Sponsored by Sons of Norway District Lodge 5, the two week long camp provides campers ages 9-15 with the opportunity to learn Norwegian and develop their interest in Norwegian culture! 
Campers will also participate in a wide variety of activities including Viking sports, storytelling, singing, dancing, and classic Norwegian craft making. Going through "customs" ...As a welcome to camp. each camper has the experience of going through customs, as though they're entering a foreign country. While at Masse Moro, campers are exposed to Norwegian culture through music, books, language classes and more. If they have any "contraband," the border patrol safely guards these items until the end of camp to enrich the sense of the Norwegian cultural atmosphere.

Meal time at Masse Moro is not only delicious, but educational! Campers eat traditional Norwegian cuisine mixed in with some American favorites on a daily basis. Some specialties include Kransekake, Rømmegrøt, Bløtkake, and believe it or not, Lutefisk! Our kitchen staff works very hard to provide delicious meals to give the campers the energy they need for the day. Special dietary requirements are accounted for on a case by case basis.

The Beaver Creek Reserve is a beautiful and energizing location for summer time fun! Camp activities are centered around time outdoors to give campers a chance to fully appreciate their surroundings! Even language classes are brought outside on occasion to give campers a chance to study the nature and learn new vocabulary. Visit to see pictures of the camp and learn more about the area!

Innovative activities and language classes are a very important part of daily life at Masse Moro. The staff spends many hours preparing interesting activities related to Norwegian culture. These activities, which are specifically designed to spark your child's creativity, include Woodworking, Norsk Mythology, Drama, Folkdansing and Rosemaling.
Camp songs are sung daily around the fire ring. Every camper will tell you that the songs are quite a tradition at Masse Moro - staff often comment on the lovely singing they hear coming from campers at all hours of the day! There is quite a mix of fun, interactive music to sing including the Norwegian alphabet song and other favorites among campers and staff. You can expect to hear camp songs at home once the campers return! A new CD of camp music is in the works, so stay tuned!

ImageEmployment Opportunities: 

All staff members must be at least 17 years of age or older. Available positions include:

Cook's Assistants (2)

Junior Counselors


Health Aide (with certification)

Business Manager

For more information, qualifications, and application deadlines, visit

All applications will be gladly accepted electronically or through postal mail.